59. Clara Sola, Blanco en Blanco, Prayers for the Stolen, Deserto Particular

In this episode, Rosa and Cat are reviewing four Latin American films that were submitted by their respective country for consideration in the Academy Awards Best International Feature Film category.

“Clara Sola” (Costa Rica)

Director: Nathalie Álvarez Mesén

In a remote village in Costa Rica, Clara, a 36-year-old woman, takes off on a journey to break free from social and religious conventions and become the master of her sexuality and newfound powers.

“Blanco en Blanco” (Chile)

Director: Théo Court

A photographer goes to the southern tip of Chile to capture the wedding of a powerful landowner. His client is absent, and as he waits for the wedding, which keeps getting postponed, he becomes obsessed with the young bride and her beauty.

“Prayers for the Stolen” (Mexico)

Director: Tatiana Huezo

Three young girls on the path to adolescence examine life in a town at war.

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“Deserto Particular” (Brazil)

Director: Aly Muritiba

After he is fired for violence, Daniel, a policeman searches the country for his online lover who unexpectedly disappeared.

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