62. Sundance Film Festival 2022: “Long Line of Ladies,” “Bestia,” “Watcher,” “The Princess”

Sundance Film Festival 2022 coverage continues for Rosa and Cat. In this episode, they review two short films and two feature films: 

“Long Line of Ladies”

Directors: Rayka Zehtabchi & Shaandiin Tome

A girl and her community prepare for her Ihuk, the once dormant coming-of-age ceremony of the Karuk tribe of northern California.


Director: Hugo Covarrubias

“Bestia” portrays the life of a secret police agent during the Chilean military dictatorship. Her relationship with her dog, her body, her fears, and frustrations all reveal grim fractures in her mind and in the country.


Director: Chloe Okuno

Julia joins her husband when he relocates to his family’s native Romania for a new job. Having recently abandoned her acting career, she finds herself frequently alone and unoccupied. One night, people-watching from her picture window, she spots a vague figure in an adjacent building, who seems to be looking back at her. Soon after, while alone at a local movie theater, Julia’s sense of being watched intensifies, and she becomes certain she’s being followed — could it be the same unknown neighbor? Meanwhile, a serial killer known as The Spider stalks the city.

“The Princess”

Director: Ed Perkins

Decades after her untimely death, Princess Diana continues to evoke mystery, glamour, and the quintessential modern fairy tale gone wrong. As a symbol of both the widening fissures weakening the British monarchy and the destructive machinery of the press, the Princess of Wales navigated an unparalleled rise to fame and the corrosive challenges that came alongside it. Crafted entirely from immersive archival footage and free from the distraction of retrospective voices, this hypnotic and audaciously revealing documentary takes a distinctive formal approach, allowing the story of the People’s Princess to unfold before us like never before.

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