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Latinx Lens was created to offer another lens in film and television criticism by highlighting Latinx representation and contribution in film and television. The podcast is hosted, produced and edited by Rotten Tomato-Approved critics, Rosa Parra and Catherine Gonzales.

After taking a film history course, Rosa was disappointed to discover that only a page and a half was discussed about Latinos in Hollywood from a 500-page textbook. She posted a tweet about wanting to start a podcast and the rest is history. Catherine joined as co-host and Latinx Lens released their first episode in July 2020.

Our first episode was published shortly after that tweet and the response has been amazing. We have an amazing group of followers. We’ve been highlighted on Apple Podcasts for Latinx Heritage Month, and we are quoted on “In the Heights” DVD packaging.

Every month we choose one Latinx/a/o filmmaker, actor, behind-the-scenes artisan to highlight. We choose three films from their respective filmography to discuss for these in-depth episodes. In addition to our monthly highlights, we review current film and television with our Latinx Lens review episodes.

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